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Greene Badger Production LLC is an FAA licensed and insured commercial drone operation. We work with several different industries including the real estate, development, architecture, surveying, and engineering industries. We offer several types of services with our drones, from aerial photography, videography, orthophotography, documentation, 3D meshes, and point cloud creation. We offer our clients creative solutions to their problems, to give them a new perspective on their work. 


Drone photography is a great way to market your business.  Whether your a realtor needing images of a property, a landscaper needing to show off your work, or a builder needing documentation of a job site Greene Badger Productions LLC can help you with your aerial photography needs. We offer hourly, half-day, and full-day aerial photography rates, contact us for pricing.



Green Badger Production LLC also offers HD and 4K drone videography. We are skilled aerial cinematographers and video editors and offer our clients our raw footage or the ability to have their footage professionally edited. 

Drone Videography
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